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We support you in the realization of your ideas for plant optimization that will set you apart from the competition. With more than 45 years of experience in the industry, Jäger Umwelt-Technik is your competent partner for energy-optimized aeration concepts, for the selection of the right membrane material and for a cost-effective capacity expansion of your plant with the IFAS process.

CAD data and specification templates

To make planning easier, we are happy to provide you with drawing templates and tender texts. The AutoCAD blocks of all common Jetflex® diffusers and Cleartec® modules make it easier for you to create drawings. We are also happy to support you with our process and product knowledge in the pre-planning stage in order to create an indicative design. In addition, we provide you with text templates for the specification of our Cleartec® technology and generally for tube, disc and strip diffusers in your tenders.

Branding and customized solutions

Do you bear a famous name in the market and want your aeration technology to be associated with your name in terms of design, product name and function? We offer you a wide range of solutions and options to achieve this. Together with you, we can design an existing diffuser according to your wishes or even develop a completely new diffuser that meets your needs, ideas and requirements. We look forward to realizing your project together and will be happy to provide you with further information or answer your questions at any time.

Process optimization by means of dynamic simulation

Take advantage of the experience and expertise of our engineers to improve your own process. Based on a proven dynamic simulation using the MIKE West simulation program, we examine your process and show you potential for optimization.

Capacity expansion with Cleartec®

Would you like to increase the cleaning performance of your system quickly and cost-effectively without having to make any structural changes to your system? Our ShearCon® process offers the ideal solution.
We base our work on DWA-ATV-A-131 and constantly supplement this with our own research results, supported by dynamic simulation (Mike West). This enables us to develop the best possible expansion of plant capacity for you, taking into account process-related and economic aspects.

Energy optimization of ventilation systems

Jäger Umwelt-Technik supports you in evaluating your aeration system economically and identifying potential. Our team of experts takes into account the commercial, technical and legal framework conditions as well as your ideas regarding investment, implementation and overall cost-effectiveness and develops an optimum solution in close consultation with you.
We focus not only on the diffusers but also on all other components of the aeration system, such as blowers, control devices, etc.

Service on site

We support you in project execution! You can commission the following services from us as part of system orders:

  • Training of mechanics, as well as monitoring and acceptance of the installation work
  • Bubble pattern inspections and leakage tests
  • Training of operators

Design of diffusers and piping

Less points of intersection in the scope of delivery make purchasing and project management easier. We therefore offer complete aeration systems consisting of diffusrs and piping in the aeration tank, in some cases also with pre-assembled aerators. Piping systems are available in PVC, PE and stainless steel, depending on the diffuser type and size, and are supplied together with the aerator elements. When ordering aeration systems with piping, we will of course provide you with detailed construction and installation drawings of the entire scope of delivery.

Economic feasibility studies

In close consultation with you and on the basis of the local specifics, we draw up a comparison of different aeration systems with regard to their economic efficiency, based on the relevant principles such as the LAWA’s KVR guidelines. In this way, the aeration system can be economically optimized and ultimately the most profitable system can be selected over its service life. It is also possible to determine the most commercially viable time for a membrane change and to always operate the aeration system in the most economical range.

Technical advice for in-house production

Jäger Umwelt-Technik supports you in the procurement and manufacture of components and parts for the aeration system. If you have any questions about the piping, such as materials, specifications, dimensions or fastening materials of the diffusers themselves and the piping, please do not hesitate to contact us. Some of our products also allow the licensed manufacture of product components in-house. The final assembly of diffusers can also be carried out locally. This includes, for example, the manufacture of the diffuser body of the SSD strip diffuser or the final assembly of tube and disk diffusers.

Safe and quick installation

Time is money! That is why we have set ourselves the goal of ensuring safe and efficient installation of the diffuser element and uncomplicated membrane replacement for all diffuser types. Our sophisticated diffuser design enables a smooth and efficient installation and replacement process. We also offer various installation options for all Jetflex diffusers to meet individual requirements. This enables us to adapt the diffusers to a wide range of connection and manifold types.

Technical advice and training

Jäger Umwelt-Technik offers on-site seminars at your plant to ensure the safe handling and correct use of our technologies. We will explain to you the correct installation and start-up, long-term operation and any necessary maintenance of aeration and CLEARTEC® systems. We will be happy to answer your questions about our technologies and services and provide you with further information. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you and helping you further.

Process analysis and optimization based on DHI Mike West simulation models

The use of the advanced simulation program MIKE powered by DHI, in particular the dynamic simulation based on MIKE West, enables us to examine different scenarios, compare design alternatives and make well-founded decisions, equipped with a variety of modules and tools. MIKE is an extremely powerful software solution that has been specially developed for analyzing complex processes and predicting operating conditions.

Online tool for dimensioning ventilation systems

We provide you with our online tool for designing aeration systems to support your planning. The design tool allows you to quickly and precisely estimate the required number of diffusers depending on the required oxygen transfer, the shape and geometry of the tank and the water depth. Any existing installations in the tank, such as mixers, can also be taken into account. As a result, you are provided with the resulting airflow and pressure requirements relevant for blower dimensioning and the efficiency of the aeration system in different load cases.

Simple and risk-free handling

Diffusers are exposed to particular stresses during the installation phase and handling on the construction site. For this reason, resistant plastics are used for all critical components. In some cases and where necessary, structure-reinforcing glass fiber components are also used. The combination of robust design and reinforced material minimizes the risk of damaging the products on the construction site and increases the durability of the product.

Simple and quick diaphragm replacement

As a company, we are committed to reducing plastic waste. This is why we develop our diffusers in such a way that the membrane can be replaced without having to replace the diffuser body. This has been possible for decades with tube and disc diffusers, but with large-area strip and plate diffusers this is often only possible with great effort. With our strip diffuser, the SSD, we provide a large-area diffuser whose micro-perforated membrane can be replaced in the shortest possible time.

Choosing the right diaphragm material

Evaluating the overall cost-effectiveness of an aeration system requires careful analysis and consideration of several factors. These include the initial investment, the cost of maintenance and operation costs over the life of the system, and the necessary reinvestment at the end of its useful life. From our long-term experience with materials, we understand the importance of material selection for the overall costs of a aeration system.
As specialists in rubber and plastics, we can help you choose the right membrane material to keep your overall costs down.

Dimensioning of ventilation systems and capacity expansions using Cleartec®

Jäger Umwelt-Technik supports you in designing operation oriented aeration systems. When designing the systems, our team of experts takes into account the specific ideas regarding investment and cost-effectiveness and develops optimal solutions in close concert.
In addition, we plan the capacity expansion of existing systems for you by implementing textile Cleartec® growth media in the biology, using a dynamic simulation.

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